System Requirements

Kalabox is designed to work on a wide range of computers. Here are some basic guidelines to ensure your Kalabox experience is as smooth as possible.

Don’t see your system here?

Our older pre v2.1.0 VirtualBox-based releases accomodate a larger set of possible systems. Check previous versions of this documentation for more details.

Operating System

Currently Kalabox is compatible with…

  • macOS 10.10+
  • Windows 10 Pro+ (or equivalent) with Hyper-V running
  • Debian 7/Ubuntu 14.04+
  • Fedora 23+

Hyper-V must be enabled on Windows

To learn how to enable Hyper-V check out this article.

Hardware Requirements

  • x64 processor architecture
  • 4GB RAM
  • Modern processor (~last 2 years)

Docker Engine Requirements

Please also verify you meet the requirements of our Docker-based backend.