We have grunt commands to easily package and ship Kalabox for release.


Cross compiling is not currently supported

Due to an upstream restriction imposed on us by jxcore we cannot cross compile.

# Package the Kalabox CLI into a binary
grunt pkg:cli
cd dist/cli

# Package the Kalabox GUI
grunt pkg:gui
cd dist/gui

# Package both the CLI and GUI into an installer
grunt pkg
cd dist

Rolling a release

Test installers first

Until our CI can run cross platform installer tests, it’s recommended to run these tests manually before rolling a new release.

If you are an administrator of the Kalabox repo you can push various releases using the following…

# Do a minor ie 0.x.0 bump and push a release
grunt release --dry-run
grunt release

# Do a patch ie 0.0.x bump and push a release
grunt patch --dry-run
grunt patch

# Do a prerelease ie 0.0.0-alpha.x bump and push a release
grunt prerelease --dry-run
grunt prerelease