Getting Started

For Developers Working on Kalabox Only

If you’re looking for documentation on how to use Kalabox, see the Getting Started guide in the “For Users” section.

You should be able to use this guide to…

  1. Install Kalabox from source
  2. Learn where all the things are
  3. Run the CLI and GUI from source


For installation you will want both the latest Kalabox development release (to get the latest Kalabox engine running) and the Kalabox source code.

1. Install the latest development release

Get the latest Kalabox engine up and running up by installing the latest development release. It’s best to just…

  1. Grab the latest development release
  2. Follow the normal installation guide

2. Install the Kalabox source

Requires nodejs 4.2+ and grunt-cli

Make sure you install node and npm install -g grunt-cli before you begin.

We have the latest Kalabox engine but we want to run the CLI and GUI from source
so we can hack on them. Let’s grab and install the source.

git clone && cd kalabox
npm install

This is optional, but makes things a lot easier.

# Set up a symlink so you can use `` to run the CLI from source
sudo ln -s /path/to/repo/bin/kbox.js /usr/local/bin/

With the symlink, you can still run your production CLI kbox normally while relying on for development.

Code locations

Here is a general breakdown of where things live inside the Kalabox repo.

|-- bin             CLI entrypoints js scripts
|-- docs            Source markdown files for the documentation you are reading
|-- installer       Installer pkgs and scripts
|-- lib             Core Kalabox libraries (used in both CLI and GUI)
|-- modules         Custom and local node modules
|-- plugins         Core Kalabox plugins
|-- scripts         Scripts to help with CI and building the installers
|-- src             Angular code for the NWJS GUI
|-- tasks           Modularized Grunt tasks
|-- test            CLI, GUI and installer tests

Run the CLI and GUI from source


# If you followed #3 above

# Or just run the CLI directly with node
node /path/to/repo/bin/kbox.js


Requires sass be installed

Make sure you install sass with gem install sass before you begin.

# Run the GUI from source
grunt gui